South East Solar & Maintenance
Leading the Way on Your Solar Journey!
South East Solar & Maintenance
Leading the Way on Your Solar Journey!
  • South East Solar & Maintenance
    Leading the Way on Your Solar Journey!

We are Here for You

From Consultation to Installation and Everything in Between!

The goal of South East Solar & Maintenance is to successfully help homeowners and businesses understand the benefits of green energy. In addition, we aim to spread awareness about Solar Energy and let everyone around us know that renewable energy solutions are not only gentle for us from a financial point of view, but they are securing a better future for our planet.

We pride ourselves on taking you on a smooth journey from the moment you receive your proposal to turning on your inverter for the first time.

South East Solar & Maintenance is owned and operated by electricians rather than sales representatives. Our team is filled with passion and drive for making a difference in the solar energy market.

How SES&M stands out as a Solar Solutions providing company?

SES&M is the best solar installer company you’ll find in Queensland (more about the areas we serve, later). We have removed all middlemen therefore all dealings with us are provided by in-house staff who share the same spirit as YOU. The passion for reducing the harms of electrical energy on your budgets and our beloved planet!

South East Solar & Maintenance currently installs solar and batteries for homeowners and businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Gympie, Ipswich, Hervey Bay, Gladstone, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Dalby and Roma.

Are you up for making the GREEN choice?

Our Owners Story

James Birkinshaw


The story of South-East and Solar Maintenance began in Ipswich, Queensland – the place where the founder of SES, James Birkinshaw, was not only born and raised but this is where he began his career in the Electrical Industry.

Back in 2013, James Birkinshaw dipped his toes in the electrical industry as an apprentice.

This was just the beginning, and, of course, there was A LOT to accomplish yet.

Initially, James’ electrical experience began in the residential sector. He was dedicated to saving the elderly from cold showers when their hot water system was broken. Also, he was often found shedding light for the families who would suffer from a power cut out.

Somewhere between performing his duties, James fell in love with the Electrical Industry and found his solace in helping EVERYONE stuck in a problem that required an electrician for the fix.

Later on, James’ passion for helping people with electrical solutions grew stronger.

Now James was determined to help more and more people in the industry. No matter if they were employees or customers.

In 2017, the latest solar BOOM kicked off, and everyone ready to adopt the change got their solar license and started installing solar panels. James did the same. But, he thought not to stop there. Since then, he has been a part of thousands of solar installations.

James has seen it ALL, whether this was organising, installing, fault finding, repairing, monitoring or designing.

James’s relationship with the electrical industry, his experience, and this very background is the foundation of South East Solar & Maintenance.

With thousands of installation experiences, we have applied ALL the best practices to South East Solar & Maintenance to ensure the services YOU receive are transparent, honest and straight to the point.

WHY? Because we understand how important these values are when you are deciding what supplier to use in your transition procedure of going solar. Trust SES&M and we’ll never disappoint you – that’s a promise!

Let’s Leverage the Power of Sunshine Together

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