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Solar Rebates

When you install a solar system, there’s a possibility that you won’t use all the electricity you generate. This is a huge opportunity. With QLD Government solar rebates, you can credit your surplus electricity to your energy account – meaning you pay less on your next bill.

If you’re thinking of installing solar at your property and saving money on your energy bill, our friendly experts can help. We ensure you understand how solar feed-in tariffs work in your area and can help set it up, so you can make the most of your renewable energy system.

What Is It

What is the QLD Government Solar Rebate?

If your home or business property produces more solar power than it needs, a solar feed-in tariff allows you to feed energy back into the network grid for other customers to use. In exchange for your unused electricity, you receive a rebate on your electricity bills.

There’s currently no nationalised program for feed-in tariffs. Instead, each Australian state has a unique arrangement based on energy prices in individual areas. That means a solar feed-in tariff in NSW may offer a different rate than a solar power feed-in tariff in QLD.

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